Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stage fright!

Well, actually, I was lucky enough to avoid the dreaded disease of Stage Fright! This weekend I had my voice recital and I got to sing the song "Long as I'm here with you " from Thoroughly Modern Millie! Mom, Dad, Nick, Grandma, and even a couple of my buddies came and supported me , and it was awesome! I love having the support from all of makes my performing all worth while! ;]

This first vid is my song...I must admit...i feel a lil conceited posting this, but in the name of having absolutely nothing to blog aboutness, I'm going to anyways. Make sure to turn off my playlist before you watch it.

Here is me and the fam...grammy sneaked outta the pic before we could take it. (Can't you tell I was really enjoying that Dilly bar?)
And last but not least...Ashlee, Jonathan, and Daniel came to watch me perform! They're the best!(Once again me and Ashlee look a lil high on sumfin...maybe the DILLY BARS!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So my family recently got ROCK BAND! I'm way excited and just to clue you in on what rock band tastes like in the anderson's us! Rocking out to DEAD OR ALIVE by Bon Jovi! :]
-ps I dont exactly know all the words so bare with me!

Rock ON!!!!!