Monday, January 28, 2008

Together we stand, in honor of our dear prophet.

On January 27, 2008 our beloved President Hinckley passed away into a life that is far better than any of us know. I know with all my heart that President Hinckley had a homecoming like no other in heaven and is with his sweet wife right now. This man inspired me so much in his lifetime and I am so grateful for everything he taught me.

I'll never forget his sense of humor in all that he did. He never skipped a beat while on this earth and was always so spry that at times I thought for sure that he would out-live me! In this shot President Hinckley is "dubbing" Elder Eyering after he was called to be second counselor in the first presidency. It was so funny! :]

In honor of our beloved prophet, most of the youth at Mesa High decided to wear their church clothes for one day. Here is all of us together after school. It was fun being able to represent something so special as one group of young people.

And ....of course....we had to have our goofy picture! My friends...haha..I couldn't live without em!

President Hinckley really had a love for the youth of the church and it made me feel really happy to be able to know that he knew us and our trials, and always related so well to us as kids in his talks. He was such a sweet man who was truly a servant of the lord and I will miss him greatly. I love him so much and thank thee o God, for my prophet.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


So this weekend me and A LOT of my friends from school auditioned for the all west regional choir. Here are a couple of pics of the people who were there with me! Later that evening I was blessed to find out that I was the 1st alternate in the alto section for that choir. So if anyone should drop out for any reason, then I'm in!! Out of the 100 kids who get into this choir, over 20 of those kids came from MESA HIGH! Way to show em what we're made of guys! I'm so excited for this opportunity to sing and learn this music with all my friends! I love you all and you are all so talented! :]

Me and Chase just chillin to pass the time til our auditions! ( ps- i look really scary here!)
Michelle and Matt were keeping me entertained through the long hours we spent way out in the STICKS! aka Surprise, AZ!
Marc, Katie, and Abby. Once again ...all of us trying to keep ourselves occupied!
After auditions, we were waiting for the bus for a while..and me and Jonathan played finger football! It was really fun, I had never played it before! haha. :]

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today I went to the dentist...and of course I was given a GOOD dose of novacaine to numb my mouth! The results were pretty drastic and I couldn't help but laugh at myself the entire way home! One side of my mouth was all droopy and the other was swollen way up high on my face. I could only talk out of one side, well...just see for yourself!!! Make sure to turn my playlist off before you watch these!!

I decided to sing to the radio on the way home from the dentist, but I ended up looking like Barbra Streisand or something because my lips were ALL OVER the place!!! It was so weird!!!

Pretty much, it was just a lot of DUMB NUMBness!!! But I'm not gonna lie, it was very entertaining! :]

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

You Can't Stop the Beat!

So pretty much, I got the opportunity to go see one of the most amazing shows ever!!! And that show is called........HAIRSPRAY! And no, not the movie, but the real life performance of it on stage! The national tour came to Mesa and I am so blessed to have parents that love me enough to get me tickets to go see it and have a fun night with a buddy!

Me and Maddi-cuteface-Moffat went to the show together and it was sosososo fun! There's never a dull moment between the two of us!!! There was a part at the very end of the show where the lead, Tracy Turnblad says, "C'mon MESA! Let's Dance!" And they started to play some funky music and we had NO SHAME in getting our boogie on and rocking the joint!
So pretty much when me and Maddi asked each other what our favorite part of the show was, without hesitation we both answered, "SEAWEED! SEAWEED!" He was an incredible performer and was one of the best characters in the whole show!
This is the cast performing in their last can't stop the beat! ps- Everyone needs to know that I did NOT take these pictures myself illegally! They're pictures off of the official tour website! :]
THis show was one of the best performances I have EVER seen. It was so amazing and both of us promised that we would be in this show before we die!!! Cuz YOU CAN'T STOP THE BEAT!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


So we went bowling for Nick's birthday and it was really fun! We went with the fam ...Biddy, Wes, Brinky dink, Allard, mamma and the whole lot of em! What a crew let me tell ya!!! Here are a lot of pics and vids from the event! :] Make sure that your sound is turned down a little for the videos because it was LOUD at the bowling ally!

Big grampa and baby Al! They were the support team cheering the whole way through!
The birthday boy himself. It's a little crazy how big he's getting. He's even taller than me now!
Hey Biddy, don't you cry over spilled soda!!!

Brinky dink a linky! She's one of THE cutest little girls i know!!!!

Mmmm. Nachos ! Does a girl need to say more? Wes dogg asked me, "Calli! Did you just take a picture of your nachos?!" and I said, "First of all, they're NICK"S nachos...and YES i just did!"

Dear lil Brinky, she fell in love with the air vent at the front of the bowling ball shoot. I love how easily entertained little kids can get! Well, i'm very easily entertained too! haha. :]

Wes dogg got a spare and wasn't ashamedcelebrate! That's right, get your groove on boy!!Bridget had a LOVELY bowling technique that was all her own! :]

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A day at the zoo

Okay so I am a bad blogger, it's been a couple weeks since we actually went to the zoo for Brinky's 3rd Birthday, but I figured better late than never! It was a pretty fun day, I have to say. I think we all felt right at home ...considering the Party Animals that we all are! Aww. These guys were so cute here are a couple of orangutangs taking a lil snooze!

This guy I caught redhanded trying to escape out of his cage. He was trying to get to the greener grass on the other side! Luckily we caught him at a safe time, because me and Bridget usually catch them at the blessed time of year when love is in the air! ;]

I absolutely adore this picture! Because it really captures the way that the sisters act when they're around each other!!! As Brinky would say, we act like "doobahs!"

Mmmm. Lunchtime! Lil Ally was sure enjoying her food! I caught her in mid-bite!
Here's the birthday girl herself! She's such a cutie and I love her so much! She always keeps me entertained, that's for sure! :]

Okay so this has NOTHING to do with the zoo, but the other day my mom was making homemade pizza and I was watching her pour the tomato sauce onto the dough and by some freakish accident of made a PERFECT like stencil letter "C"!!! I thought it was so cool and I literally dodged across the room to get my camera and take a picture before she smeared it! It made me happy that a little sign of my name showed up like that in my dinner! Haha. :]

Monday, January 7, 2008


Okay, so I'm really sorry Bridget that I stole these pictures from you...but I HAD to put them up! So lil baby Ally found one of my sister's old bra pads and wore it on her head like a little Yamicuh! (I don't know how to spell that!) Isn't she the cutest lil baby?! I love lil Allard to death! :]

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hallelujah! I'm finally 16!!!!!!!!!

I have the bestest friends EVER.

End of discussion.

My birthday this year was absolutely amazing!

So my day started off with me being kidnapped by the Laurels and going to eat DELICIOUS and maybe even deadly breakfast burritos!

I know you can't tell from the picture, but this food was sooooo tasty! Props to the leaders! :]
Here's me and "Ashee" at the breakfast. We've got that "just rolled out of bed " look goin! I think we've become masters of that style!
We decided to digest our food while we took some good ole' wiggle pictures. The baby isn't too sure about those faces though!
I think they planned the breakfast too early , because Ashlee got way too slap happy for her own good. At least she made friends with the ball. :]

And then, even more exciting, my amazing friends took me on my very first date and trust me.....they did it up right. So first we went out to Usery Pass and we got to eat really yummy food, play around, and sit around a campfire. The very first picture for this post is all of us together out in the desert.
Once the park closed at 8, we went to Abby Well's house and we watched Cool Runnings, and brought in the New Year together!!! They even made me and Katie (we share the same birthday) a yummy cake and special glasses to drink Martinelli's out of!!!
Before we ate, we all walked up to the top of a little mountain and this is what the sunset looked like! It was so pretty!

Abby and Aaron made me and Katie our very own cake! I thought it was so cute! Can you read my name on top of the cake?!

Me and Maddi looking very attractive as always! Ha ha! I love that we can be silly together!

Me and Ashlee were being very hyper! Don't worry, our cups are filled with Martinelli's! ;]

Daniel and his slice of cake! Ha ha, I'm so grateful to have him around , he's so fun!

Me and Marc (my date) I'm grateful that he planned all of the fun stuff we did , and for making my night very enjoyable! Some people's first dates can be very painful and awkward/embarrassing. But mine was far from it . It was so much fun! My friends are so fantabulous and they are such a blessing in my life! I love you all!!!! :]
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