Sunday, October 12, 2008

October break! Life is beautiful..

Oh Joy of joys we had a FOUR day weekend this past week! ANd i do apologize to any of you who still religiously check blogs and have been thoroughly disappointed that mine has been a little less than satisfactory the past little while..but hey! Life gets BUSY!
So basically here's me! Crazy, insomniac, phsyco face teenager lost in my junior year of highschool! Haha that's just about all that this year has consisted of so far for me is just busy, busy busy work non stop! But thankfully I have my friends and fam who I adore more than anything to keep me SANE!

So this break was way way fun! And I have decided to give you a little flavor of what's been goin on in my life! :]

So first off Michelle is 18! Holy cow ya'll are growin up so fast on me! So she decided to have a "fairytale" themed party where we all dressed up like princesses and princes (or aladdin if your marc :] )! So try as we might me and Mads spent ages trying to figure out what to wear, when we dug out our ninth grade choir dresses..we INSTANTLY thought the same thing and decided to wear them in all their yummy-ness to the party. Mind you those dresses have been thru ten years of girls wearing them..SCARY! We wanted to BURN THEM in all of their ancient glory at the end of ninth grade, but alas the moms rejected the idea! We are considering saving our money and wearing them to Homecoming tho :] Hee hee..(ps Nathan is responsible for how poofy my hair looks! He did that just by playing with it!! I think girls should pay him to poof their hair !) Oh Boy then came the Mountain View football game! Haha here's Nay Nay with his awesome made me smile!

As you can see, there were tons of fun people to play with! All whom I love Dearly..

But by far the best highlight of the night was one of my bestest friends playing the role of the MESA JACKRABBIT!! It was awesome and she did SUCH a good job! Hee hee my personal favorite was the shaking of the bunny tail! :]


Well, at the end of the night the boys came up short. The toros took home the gold, but hey you CANT TAKE AWAY THE JACKRABBIT SPIRIT!!!

So apparently he's camera shy, but FRANKY'S Birthday was this weekend! Hee hee I think we calculated that he's five in human he's 40 in dog years.. ur gettin old little buddy!

Saturday morning consisted of yard work..oh yeah..Im WORKIN IT with that leaf blower! :]
So in the past little while my buddy Marcus Levi Johnson (the tall dark and handsome one to the left) asked me to Homecoming! I was way excited! He asked me by putting the letters of his name on doggy treats and saying, "i'd be happy as a puppy if you'd go to Homecoming with me!"

THerefore, I figured I HAD to answer in a Dog-ish fashion..which lead to THIS...

TA DAH!! (sp?) Me and Mads used some artificial hair coloring stuff and sprayed yes onto the side of his puppy! Haha it was NOT easy trying to pin him down and spray legibly but I think we did a pretty good job! I felt sorry for him tho..because he kind of jumped when I sprayed the bottom half of the "S" ! HEE HEE I think he was ticklish ! :]

OH and considering I prolly wont blog again by tomorrow I just wanna make a shout-out to my dear sista Biddy for her birthday! ANd here is my ode to her~

B~ a Brilliant mind in the eyes of fashion!

R~ Ridiculous when she's "in the moment."

I~ Irreplaceable. THere's no one quite like Bid!

D~ Dazzling! Always looks good!

G~ Gracious! Always kind to others.

E~ Entertaining! She could keep me laughing for "Days, weeks, months, even years!"

T~ The real deal! Couldn't ask for a better sister :]

I love you Biddy! You light up my life!

Well, thats my weekend for ya! Hope you enjoyed!