Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just winding down..

So i dont know if anyone still reads this darn blog anymore..for i have failed terribly at keeping up with the happenings of my insane life. But i shall try and catch you up a lil bit..

First of all i have not even talked bout Turkey Day!! The food was nummy as always and was very very excited to play with fam..especially these two..!!!! :] (ps i expect an award of some kind for these shots! They're priceless!! Not bad for an amateur eh?)

Baby Ally.. prettiest blue eyes ever!In this one Al's givin a true model kills me. This little girl isn't even two yet! Oh and do others appreciate the clouds in the back and the contrast of the bright grass? I love it!

Brinky Dink and Auntie! Once again..the bright colors and the pretty sky makes me love this shot!

Anywho..after the turkey was eaten..the party really begun!

Me, mom, Biddy, and Aunt Jana teamed up to go on a Black Friday Shopping trip of all shopping trips. We were very successful I must say, draggin our little sorry bodies out of bed and gettin out at 3:45 :]

Then there was Vespers! Or our traditional Religious Choral concert at Mesa High. Me, and one of my newest best buds, Jenny McCauley sang "I heard him come," together! It was very successful and such an amazing experience to sing it with her and share of the spirit of that song with others. There is a link on the side of this blog titled "i heard him come" if you wish to watch it. Just make sure my playlist is turned off beforehand. :]

Then last but not least Seussical the Musical is coming to Mesa High!! We will be auditioning the first day back to school and I am absolutle extatic! I"m shooting for either "JOJO" a young child, who is a crazy thinker and uses their "thinks" to create the show. Or "Gertrude McFuzz". A little awkward bird who is madly in love with Horton the Elephant. :]

School gets out very soon! Im way excited for playtime. Love you all!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October break! Life is beautiful..

Oh Joy of joys we had a FOUR day weekend this past week! ANd i do apologize to any of you who still religiously check blogs and have been thoroughly disappointed that mine has been a little less than satisfactory the past little while..but hey! Life gets BUSY!
So basically here's me! Crazy, insomniac, phsyco face teenager lost in my junior year of highschool! Haha that's just about all that this year has consisted of so far for me is just busy, busy busy work non stop! But thankfully I have my friends and fam who I adore more than anything to keep me SANE!

So this break was way way fun! And I have decided to give you a little flavor of what's been goin on in my life! :]

So first off Michelle is 18! Holy cow ya'll are growin up so fast on me! So she decided to have a "fairytale" themed party where we all dressed up like princesses and princes (or aladdin if your marc :] )! So try as we might me and Mads spent ages trying to figure out what to wear, when we dug out our ninth grade choir dresses..we INSTANTLY thought the same thing and decided to wear them in all their yummy-ness to the party. Mind you those dresses have been thru ten years of girls wearing them..SCARY! We wanted to BURN THEM in all of their ancient glory at the end of ninth grade, but alas the moms rejected the idea! We are considering saving our money and wearing them to Homecoming tho :] Hee hee..(ps Nathan is responsible for how poofy my hair looks! He did that just by playing with it!! I think girls should pay him to poof their hair !) Oh Boy then came the Mountain View football game! Haha here's Nay Nay with his awesome made me smile!

As you can see, there were tons of fun people to play with! All whom I love Dearly..

But by far the best highlight of the night was one of my bestest friends playing the role of the MESA JACKRABBIT!! It was awesome and she did SUCH a good job! Hee hee my personal favorite was the shaking of the bunny tail! :]


Well, at the end of the night the boys came up short. The toros took home the gold, but hey you CANT TAKE AWAY THE JACKRABBIT SPIRIT!!!

So apparently he's camera shy, but FRANKY'S Birthday was this weekend! Hee hee I think we calculated that he's five in human he's 40 in dog years.. ur gettin old little buddy!

Saturday morning consisted of yard work..oh yeah..Im WORKIN IT with that leaf blower! :]
So in the past little while my buddy Marcus Levi Johnson (the tall dark and handsome one to the left) asked me to Homecoming! I was way excited! He asked me by putting the letters of his name on doggy treats and saying, "i'd be happy as a puppy if you'd go to Homecoming with me!"

THerefore, I figured I HAD to answer in a Dog-ish fashion..which lead to THIS...

TA DAH!! (sp?) Me and Mads used some artificial hair coloring stuff and sprayed yes onto the side of his puppy! Haha it was NOT easy trying to pin him down and spray legibly but I think we did a pretty good job! I felt sorry for him tho..because he kind of jumped when I sprayed the bottom half of the "S" ! HEE HEE I think he was ticklish ! :]

OH and considering I prolly wont blog again by tomorrow I just wanna make a shout-out to my dear sista Biddy for her birthday! ANd here is my ode to her~

B~ a Brilliant mind in the eyes of fashion!

R~ Ridiculous when she's "in the moment."

I~ Irreplaceable. THere's no one quite like Bid!

D~ Dazzling! Always looks good!

G~ Gracious! Always kind to others.

E~ Entertaining! She could keep me laughing for "Days, weeks, months, even years!"

T~ The real deal! Couldn't ask for a better sister :]

I love you Biddy! You light up my life!

Well, thats my weekend for ya! Hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So school is back in full swing and what better way to start that school year off than having two of my favoritest people turn the big 1-8!! That's right, these two are officially legal. So all of you who secretly are madly in love with these two can now take them on single dates :] Hee hee.
So the festivities started out VERY early Friday morning by surprising Mads with some nummy waffles! Haha there were a few minor setbacks to that one but they're a tad embarrassing so let's just say it was an adventure in of itself!
THEN! Saturday night we completely surprised the two birthday bums with a surprise black and white party. We had black and white movies, balloons, oreos, the whole nine yards. It was awesometown..population our party animal possie!
Aaah..all the girls together..haha just makes me SMILE :] :] :]

Ok, so please allow me to explain this one because I'm guessing that right about now ya'll are EXTREMELY confused! So apparently before the surprise party our guy friends decided to throw themselves a MAN NIGHT. Not a guys night, not a boys night, but a MAN NIGHT! So apparently in order to be manly they dressed up in intense costumes and walked around with dangerous weapons. Oh, might i mention they were real weapons. Anyone could have walked around with a couple plastic guns and swords..but oh no..not our guys. They are a whole breed of their own~ but I do love them for it very much!
This one just makes me laugh! It's me and the girls in our truest form..hmm maybe. that may have to wait til girls night :]
Then Sunday night, the fam damily came to visit! It made me very happy!!! I love them so much. Wish you all could have seen this little one goin' at it with the taters and carrots :]

This weekend was amazing. THe end.
Life is so rich and amazing. Im so grateful to have family
and friends to live it up with!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Here are the directions:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one or several memories that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you know me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.So let's have it! Don't be shy! What do you remember? Anything funny, embarrassing, ridiculous, serious, silly...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


We're growing boggles my mind..
On the bus to Les Miserables (9th grade) OK do I look tiny or what? Haha back in the good ol' hobo days of Calli :] (8/9th)Flagstaff ! Once a cuteface always a cuteface..(9th)Yee haw wittle marcy poo! (9th)Hello, Dolly! Such cuties.. (9th)Hello Dolly hair..EEEEK! (8th)FAST FORWARD!!! Haha cowboy day.. :] (aw i miss lunch) JUST LIKE SHOOTING FISH..IN A BARRLE! Happiness is.. One of the funniest show rehearsals of my life!!! Baha

So long story short we're all growing up. As much as we hate to think about it it's true. But I want you all to know that every last one of you hold a very special place in my heart. Its something I wouldn't trade for the world! Your my unsung heroes.

All my love~Cal

Monday, August 11, 2008


Today was our first day of school! IM so glad to be back and playing with the people I Love every single day! They rock my sox. Choir is gonna be absoultely amazing..which i expected! In chamber today we learned about scatting and went around in a circle and listened to the beats and rythyms of the song we were listening too. Then individually we scatted along to the notes and made it up as we was SO cool ! I loved it so much. Lots of peeps also in sixth hour seminary! I love you mesa high!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Charlie Brown Lives on!!!

I apologize for bringing this up for those of you who are trying to forget about it but did you all know we're on YOU TUBE???? haha for those of you who have never seen it Its to the right side of the page over this way>>>>>>>>>
make sure to turn off my playlist and ENJOY! :] PS- Thank you to the lone boy who gave us a standing ovation!

Saturday, July 26, 2008



Dearest Teachers,
Thank you so very much for blessing all of us teenage adolescents with the wonderfulness of this project. We are thrilled at the thought of you all sunbathing by the pool and eating bon bons to pass the time. Please know that we so THOROUGHly look forward to the lovely test we are planned to take on the first day of school. Teachers, thx your just a bunch of REAL pals. Enjoy your last couple weeks of summer! Im so anxious to slave away on my essay I cant even contain myself! Good day to you lovely teachers! Good day!

Monday, July 14, 2008


HOLY COW!!!!!!!! This is prolly gonna be one of the best summers of my entire life! I dont think i will ever forget it! For anyone who still believes in reading my blog ya go!

First of all I gotta fill you in on Lake Powell!

Every year for a week we go up to lake powell and party like rockstars with our family and friends! This picture is in a cove that me and my buddy kayaked into and it was SO pretty. I swear the celestial kingdom better look like lake powell! hahaI got to wakeboard all week long! I love wakeboarding and i love spending the time to get better every summer! Here is Kens, Lauren, Ash and me partying up on the boat! (Dont you love the survivor look?!)

Okay..count to three then scroll down.. 1.....2.....3...


Aw Aaron and Kens! I miss you guys so much! We got Jet Skis up at the Lake and they were AWESOME!

I LOVE this shot! It shows a lot of what we were doin up there! A little taste of summer with a WHOLE LOT of fun!

I love these two girls so much! They were my main source of entertainment for the week! It was great! Also to my fam, Aaron and Kens, and the Kirwins, and the Paynes! You all rock my sox! THx for makin lake powell so memorable this year!

Now for my New Jersey/ New York trip!

So this year my dearest gramma decided to be gracious enough to pay for our family to go to New Jersey and stay on Point Pleasant Beach for an entire week at a beach house.

Luckily for me this lil sweet heart was my flying buddy for most of the way there! Shes my little Ally baby or "Alvin" as we started to call her on this trip. Haha then my family got smart on me and started to called me "Calvin." Nice one guys! Tee hee!

HAHA! I popped the Binky on this one and finally caught her cheesy lil smile ! I LOVES IT!

Here is a view of sunset from way up in the plane! It was gorgeous!

WE finally reached NEw Jersey! HEre is our "happy to be on the ground" faces!

Here is our lovely house that we stayed in for a week! It is so pretty in New Jersey!

On Sunday we took a picnic and went to "Goose log park" as I like to call it. You can use your imagination why we picked the name goose log. :]

As we were driving to Church I spotted this sign and HAD do take a picture of it. It made me very happy!

So after our picnic we went to a wildlife preserve and took a walk down this path. Living proof that somewhere along the line someone decided that Arizona should shrivel up like a prune on a summer day but New Jersey will be permitted to have all the moisture in the world and look pretty much like the secret garden! Hmm..what gives?

So you're prolly thinking..What the HECK is that thing?! Well this here is a horse shoe crab. Dont worry its dead. This monstrosity was wedged into the pier at the shore and me and my sister thought we were cool by being the adventurous type and pulling it out so we could parade it around! Well here it is! But we definitely got a wiff (sp?) of it when we were taking pictures and threw it back to sea once we were done!


Aaahh..I love the beach!

I learned how to boogie board! Haha did anyone else notice my HUGe farmer tan on my legs? HAHA oh man that is from wearing knee shorts at Lake Powell for a week!

What do you get walking around the board walk in New Jersey? You would think a sea shell or something right??...Nope. FRIED OREO!

We went to the Central Park zoo before we hit broadway...


Im sorry but I MUST make a shout out to Maddi on this one..she is one of the biggest Legally Blonde fans I know and I took this picture just for her!!! I love you Mads!

Little Mermaid was AMAZING! LIke seriously prolly one of the best shows I will EVER see!

SO I apologize that this picture is a Tiny bit blurry but maybe it's cuz Ma's hand was shakin from excitement! Haha well here folks is none other than... SEAN PALMER. And I know that about 99.9 percent of you except for my theater nerd buds are thinking.."okay who's the dude in the purple?" But this man is currently playing Prince Eric from Little Mermaid on Broadway and I was fortunate enough to see him texting on the street corner and got a picture with him!!! It was amazing!!

Well As you can all was an eventful and quite amazing experience! Now my summer is rolling to a stop and I can't help but think of the stinkin awesome times I had. Adieu to my true love, my summer! I shall miss you! sniffle.. "]