Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Girls Night All State Birthday Disneyworld Hike of Death Extravaganza!

So for ANYONE who still believes that my blog still exists..thank you very much for still waiting for a new post. As you have probably already guessed by my infamous title, I've got a LOT of catching up to do.

Well first on the list is girls im not gonna really think up an explanation for our appearance.. so just know that girls will be girls :]

Then that same weeked I attended the All State Jazz and Show Concert and four very cute people from Mesa represented us including these cutefaces right here :] Sadly one picture is very tiny for some reason.. but I love it none the less.

Then it was Nicks Birthday! The big boy turned fifteen! Wow he's growin up way too fast and definitely is waaaay taller than me now.

Then my parents who had surprised us at Christmastime.. took me and Nick to WALT DISNEY WORLD! It was intensely awesome but i cant post every single picture :]

Mmm turkey leg :]

Then Lastly but not least on our whatever holiday that was where we had monday off of school, haha we went hiking as a group of friends. It was challenging, yet an adventure. Haha i lost my "SOLE" on the mountain.

As well as losing my "sole" on the trail we also had rips of death along the way :]

So yes, we are not really looking at the camera but does this picture remind ANYONE else of enchanted? Haha.. i love it.

Well that just about covers also in Seussical the Musical at Mesa! Im way excited and our show goes up in April.