Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crazy Crazy CRAZY!!!!

So my life has consisted of nothing short of madness!! Haha my life is so busy these days, but Im loving every second of it! Here are two pictures of some of the people I hold dearest to my heart. These are the kids who practice with me day in and day out to try and make Seussical the Musical a success!!! (Which will play from April 15th-18th and you should ALL BE THERE!!!) Hope you enjoy these really fun, cute pictures :]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Girls Night All State Birthday Disneyworld Hike of Death Extravaganza!

So for ANYONE who still believes that my blog still exists..thank you very much for still waiting for a new post. As you have probably already guessed by my infamous title, I've got a LOT of catching up to do.

Well first on the list is girls im not gonna really think up an explanation for our appearance.. so just know that girls will be girls :]

Then that same weeked I attended the All State Jazz and Show Concert and four very cute people from Mesa represented us including these cutefaces right here :] Sadly one picture is very tiny for some reason.. but I love it none the less.

Then it was Nicks Birthday! The big boy turned fifteen! Wow he's growin up way too fast and definitely is waaaay taller than me now.

Then my parents who had surprised us at Christmastime.. took me and Nick to WALT DISNEY WORLD! It was intensely awesome but i cant post every single picture :]

Mmm turkey leg :]

Then Lastly but not least on our whatever holiday that was where we had monday off of school, haha we went hiking as a group of friends. It was challenging, yet an adventure. Haha i lost my "SOLE" on the mountain.

As well as losing my "sole" on the trail we also had rips of death along the way :]

So yes, we are not really looking at the camera but does this picture remind ANYONE else of enchanted? Haha.. i love it.

Well that just about covers also in Seussical the Musical at Mesa! Im way excited and our show goes up in April.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Life gave me lemonade..

So at this point in time life is simply Beautiful!!! I cant help but think how beautiful everything is and how rich it is to spend time with family, party with my friends, laugh til your sides hurt, eat til you cant anymore, sleep, and just smile all along the way :]

So first off I over winter break I was able to do achieve what so many thought was impossible...

It took me a long while to finally get it down but on my seventeenth birthday I got it! It was so exciting!

Then, My baby, Brinky, turned four!! I can hardly believe it! I still remember walking around the hospital with Biddy the night before she was born. She has grown up so much since that day and I want her to know that I love her so much :] I love you Brinky Dink! Happy Birthday Big Girl!

Well Folks, for now this is a pretty short lil post! So i apologize for that! But i promise as soon as i get around to it that I will share many many many good times with you from Girls Night to Walt Disney World Florida!!!!

Peace love chicken grease!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Christmas time was here..

So basically my Christmas Break was nothing short of Amazing!!!

Between the parties, the hugs, the kisses, the Fam Damily, the friends, and the love of the season.. there is nothing i would change about it.

Christmas is a time of love, good cheer, and hope. It is absolutely my Favorite time of the year.

First there is the love of the season. One of my friends, Aka peppermint patty who graduated last year, got Married just before Christmas. She looked so beautiful and Im so happy to see the example that she is setting for me to also go to the Temple someday.

Then..just before Christmas, who should we find but SANTY CLAWS HIMSELF! He was ridin down 32nd Street in his sleigh and we pulled him over to take a picture! KIDS: Dont you ever believe what the big kids tell you about Santa not being real! "They sit on a throne of lies! They smell like beef and cheese..and dont even smell like Santa!"

Franky got in the Christmas Spirit by sporting his classy Holiday bow.

For any of you who still rejoice in the Disney Princesses, you can be happy with me for this! For Christmas I got The Little Mermaid 2. Which means that I have All Three Little Mermaids on DVD!!! And if any of you know me at all this is pure bliss :]

Our lovely Yule Log :} This is definitely on our HD tv :}

Brinky Dinky diggin some Ice outta the soda bucket! Lots of cool toys for both the young and old..

Then there was New Years! There was a huge New years Party on my birthday and it was an absolute blast!

I apologize buddy, but this moment was priceles! So there were hommemade cheesecakes..and one was left laying around..and it was positioned perfectly where some dude decided to sit down.. and well, you do the math! :]

My girls are so funny!! They decided to give me a "Girls night" in a box for my birthday! This had a bottle of Martinelli's, a box of chocolates, the DVD of EVERAFTER which I have yet to watch, a can of pinapple (so Maddi can visit..if you dont know this story, then just dont worry about it.), and last but not least this Radical pair of boxers!!! Haha they definitely have a huge bling bling car on the front and say "Its A BLING THING!" Pretty much girls..Girls Night in a box= AWESOMETOWN. Thank you for that :]

Me and my Home-skillet biscuits :]

As you can Holiday Season was immensely amazing.

As for my New Years Resolutions?

Well, Im happy to say that I wrote nine out of the ten songs that i wanted by the end of 2008. Im pretty happy about them and with a few more songs hope to record an album. :]

New Goals you say???..

Well, I have resoluted (a word?) to:

Exercise..way more!

Eat not so much crud.. ya know, still snack here and there, but not destine myself for heart failure.

Record an album for all of my friends and family.

Read the Book of Mormon at least once all the way thru.

Tell my family I love them more.

Show more Christlike love to everyone i know.

Get down on my knees and into the scriptures more.

And myself for who I am. I think there are those who can testify that a lot of times i will flip out on myself for being stressed or think i just dont have what it takes at the end of the day. But Im so grateful for my family and friends who never ever cease to love me and never ever give up on this silly, stubborn, seventeen year old.

I Love you all so much. Thanks for the laughs, the game nights, the Christmas Carols, the Fro yo, the Sisterhood movies, the sleepovers..and everything else that makes my life that much more meaningful.