Friday, May 30, 2008

Girls, tents, and Sticks...OH MY!!!

This week was one thing...

Why you ask?

Could it be all of the fetchin awesome things I did at camp?

Well... You can be the judge of that!

Here is just a little Taste of what went on at camp! :]

First of all we stayed at a campsite up by Strawberry. This is the view looking at the camp across the marsh, or the "swamp" as everyone called it!

Me and my lovely partner in crime. Aka my YCL buddy!

These are our lil 1st years whom I grew to love SO dearly while I was at camp. Actually, I can't really call them little first years..because most of them are taller than I am..oh well..that's the way it goes! YCL's in all their lovely-ness. Nuff said. Airheads..and I'm not just talking about the candy. :]

I named this girl Sass-a-frass! She had style..even at camp! As for me..I didnt really have a choice and i was goin for the survivor look!

Here is me and my hero aka kamakazzi (no idea how to spell that one) zipline buddy! This girl went backwards and upside down on the zipline and was rediculous! It was amazing!

Lot of rage there...

Now shooting for Sports Illustrated Madison Moffat shows off an intense face as she tackles the zipline! hee hee ..I love this shot.

Smile for da camera!!!

Okay I look like an old man in this shot with my wrinkles n' everything..but I had to get a shot with my mama! She was an amazing camp director and did an awesome job!

The lovely ladies doing nails in camp..

Hey.. everyone needs an Emo shot every once in a while dont they?

I love my daddy! He helped out so much with everything and I'm so proud to call him mine!

Gosh my oh..I love this girl so much! We partied like no other and had the best time ever!

So I know this picture is random and kinda old but I had to put it up. This lil girl and I had some real special bonding time this week at camp and it made me so happy to be a YCL over her ward. It's amazing how when your out in nature how peaceful it can be and so appropriate to sit and just talk about life. She will always hold a very special place in my heart. :] I love ya girl.

This chica was also one of my tent buddies at camp and I love her so much! We look goofy dont we? Tee hee hee.

Well all in all camp was AMAZING THIS YEAR!

This has seriously been THE BEST year I've had so far. I can't wait for another year to party! :]

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rockin Weekend!

So Pretty Much These last couple weeks have been absolutely phsyco! And even tho this weekend was so crazy, there were moments that were absolutely amazing and really really fun!

First of all, we had our Treble Makers performances! My voice teacher was the director of this group and it was made up of kids from ages 7th grade-10th. It was so dang fun! I had a solo during "You Can't Stop the Beat" It was sorta scary, but the addrenaline was awesome.

I have made so many friends these past couple summers during workshop and one of the funnest buddie's I've met is this gal right here! We were in Treble makers together this weekend and it was really fun to catch up and par-tay! It got me even more excited to party at workshop in 2 weeks!!!!!! YEAH!

To infinity and beyond! Here we are pretending to look cool in front of this wicked poster in the Emerson Multi purpose room.

This Lovely number right here is called last one picked. I was so excited because we got to act like total geeks in this song..but that's okay..because I got to perform on stage in my true form! HAHA. (Dont forget to turn off my playlist before you watch it!)
This weekend we also had a Birthday Luau for my baby cousin! Happy Bufday! Here is Brink a link! She's gonna grow up to be a model I swear and is gonna be twice as tall and 5 times prettier than her auntie! She'll pass me up within the next couple years!

All I can say is, We all only WISH that we could strut a bikini as well as this lil darlin! :] I love ya bay Al.

So yes this weekend was great! THis is the last week of school so there'll we definitely be more to come by the end of this week!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Aww. Da big 1-5!

" Duh duh Happy bufday!!!!!"

This past week two of my bestest friends had their 15 th birthdays and this is my ode to them!

Korky Phillis!(Korttney Phillips)

Korttney, this chica has been with me through the thick n' thin. We became friends when we were still in beehives..and we always joke about a picture that was taken that night and it always ends with..."Iew! We were Soo dang ugly back then!" Haha! I always remember how all through junior high whenever me and Korky would walk together and kids would run up and say, "are you guys like sisters or somethin?" It was so funny that we even said yes a couple times! My fondest memory with Korttney probably would have to be when we spent the night at my sister's house and she told us..yeah what lies beneath is NOT a scary movie. Go ahead and watch it. That night me and Korky I swear to you almost wet ourselves because we got so nervous! And the next morning after Korttney took a shower she blow dried her hair and it looked like a FRO on a white woman! It was so funny cuz she went up to my brother in law and said, "Hey Weston, ever seen a white woman with a Fro?" It was so amazing!

Jonny Boy

Jonny Boy actually turned 15 today! Well, this boy is pretty much my hero. He plays guitar, he writes his own music, and he is an INCREDIBLE performer! He starred this year as Harold Hill in "The Music Man" and was absolutely phenominal at the part! (hence the little band uniform he's wearing!) I've known this kid since last year when we became Teen Tones partners. Every day in there was so fun and exciting. Some of my fondest memories with Jonathan have been attempting to dip as we try and act dramatic during "Hernandoes Hideaway". Playing finger football and taking wiggle pictures at Regionals! And last but not least going to see IRON MAN a couple weeks ago and totally be phsyced and exhilirated about the movie! It was absolutely incredible! (The movie, that is) But anywho..Jonathan has helped me thru the rough times and is one of the sweetest boys I"ve ever met!

Korky and Jonny boy, where would i be without you two? I can't tell you how different my life would be without the sunshine that comes from your smiles and make my day every day every single time! I just love you both dearly! More than you'll ever know! Haha Happy Birthday! :]

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Barely hanging on...

DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? DOES ANYONE CARE?? AAH! So pretty much I'm just about ready to needs to end...END OF STORY!

HAHA Well on the Bright side we just got our YEAR BOOKS! It makes me very very happy.

All at the same time even tho I can't help but reminisce (spelt right?) about everything wonderful that happened this year! I can't tell you how many good times there's insane.

FOR instance this past school year I was in the production of "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown!" I would just like to tell you all...that if you ever get stressed out..act like a 6 YEAR OLD! That was seriously one of the best de-stressers of my life! haha it was amazing.

Thespian conference with the peanuts was the best..not gonna lie!

Not to mention we discovered Maddi's true calling that day! Repair WO-man! haha

Also all of the dances we went to this year were amazing! Co-ed, Morp, Prom..awesome!

Co-ed with Nay nay! Mmmm. cheesecake!

Morp with Danny Boy! Haha we were ghostbusters! I loved our costumes..they were intense!

Okay so this weekend all of my friends went to prom..and I ended up serving for it! So I felt bad..i didn't really get to see anyone else but I saw Ash and Mar and their dates, and they sent me some pics!

Haha I love these two.. oh and by the way..she MADE THIS DRESS!!!! Skills right there, SKILLS!
Here is another view of this amazing's like a version of Belle's off of beauty and the beast..except purple! Haha.

Haha, think Ash enjoyed the food? YEAH! I like the look Ellie may! You were beautiful!

Haha these are also some pictures from their day activity! These kids are my favorite!

We also got a chance to take a couple shots together! YEAH ! 3 musketeers baby!

Haha i can't wait for summer to mess around with these two! Life is short..time to live it up!!!