Monday, August 19, 2013

Life as Mr & Mrs Rasmussen

WARNING: This post is very long winded. Anyone actually sane enough to read it all..bless you!

So wow.. it's been a while since I've written. I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to cram this all into one post, But believe you me,I will! When last I wrote, Trent and I were still engaged and in the thick of the wedding plans. 

   Well folks.. that wedding HAPPENED! And not in any way shape or form that I imagined it, might I add! This tale was an adventure all it's own! About a week before the big day, the weather forecast predicted rain. I had a hard time believing it, since the weather every day previous was in the 90's. "I call you a bluff, weather man!" Is what I kept thinking to myself. But as well all know... when it rains.. it POURS! 

 The wedding day was filled with rain and hail, but the elements couldn't compete with the laughs, the smiles, the tears of joy, and the memories that were made. Not many brides can say that she got to rock rain boots and umbrellas with her wedding gown. Not many brides get to say that they whizzed through the Pete's Fish and Chips drive through for lunch only to be greeted by hail and endless laughter with her photo entourage and new groom! The big day, came in a way that was a complete surprise. 

  I had no way of telling that it would turn out the way it did, but I wouldn't change that day for ANYTHING. That day, I married my best friend. And every day with him has been a gift, just leading us down the path of Eternity.

Following the wedding, Trent and I got to go to California for our Honeymoon!!

We got to go to Disneyland, and also spend some time down at our favorite California spot, Balboa Island. We were very blessed to have such a great time, and enjoy spending time with each other at long last, as

A lot of people will tell you that once you leave your "Honeymoon phase" that life starts to get really interesting. Now I know that Trent and I have only been married for 5 months now, and that we're not exactly "seasoned veterans" but I do know 
that no matter what life throws your way,
with your eternal companion and the Lord on your side.

In marriage there are many days and nights where all you have is the chance to drop to your knees in supplication to a loving Father in Heaven, and to hold on to your sweetheart with everything that you have.

These are the moments that mold you, and bring you closer to who we strive to become. 

Cleaning, cooking, laughing, hugging, smiling, kissing, snuggling, movies, talking, growing, loving.. catching a glimpse of Heaven in someone else's eyes. 
These are the moments that take your breath away, and remind you why we are here. To live to the fullest potential and measure of 
our creation. 

In more recent news, Trent is just a week out from debuting at the Hale Theater, in Little Women, the Musical. He will be playing the role of John Brooke, and we couldn't be more excited for this opportunity!He a also just recently found out that he will begin training as a full time service adviser at the Henry Brown GMC dealership in Gilbert. He is so excited for this opportunity and we couldn't be more thankful!

As for me, I am thrilled to start working towards entrance into the Bachelor of Arts program at ASU with my emphasis in Voice. Starting up lessons again with the incredible Mr Marc Denton!

Trent and I are so grateful for the life that we are building together, and for this beautiful world that we live in. And now..full speed ahead!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

All the Single ladies, All the Single ladies!

To my dear single ladies out there, I've been thinking over the past few days how Valentine's Day is coming up. For some it is an exciting day, and for others, some fear it with a sad heart. I would like to reach out to anyone who may find themselves feeling this way on the Eve of Valentines. If I may, I wish to speak freely. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, where you live, and where you are going, I believe that you as a woman have a worth that is beyond anything that this world has to offer. Today, the world would have us believe that beauty is solely based on wealth, fortune, fame, and physical attractiveness. I know that this is not so. I know that inside each and every woman is a light. A light that burns within us, and yearns for us to reveal it. This light is one that contains more power than one can really know. I believe that many women today choose not to seek this light, because they fear just how powerful it truly is. They turn to worldly fashions and notions, and seek to replace the light with something that cannot be found. I believe that this light has the ability to change lives. It has the ability to light the darkness. It has the ability to console and to bring forth miracles in a world of confusion and fear. This light.. is kindness. This light, is laughter. This light, is virtue. This light, is love. This light, is truth. When one realizes their possession within of this light, they will start to realize a change in everything. A new day will be sought as a brand new opportunity to make this flame burn brighter. Each day, will bring joy and optimism amidst a world of difficulty. This light will speak to the heart, and reminds us of the infinite worth we hold as women. I would like to reach out to anyone who may feel sad, alone, downtrodden, forgotten, or discouraged. I believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to. I believe that dreams do come true, and that you can obtain absolutely anything if you are willing to work hard to get there. I also believe that you are never truly alone. I believe that you are a daughter of a loving God in heaven, and that He is very aware of your circumstances. I believe that prayers are answered, and that there is no where that faith can't take us. I know that miracles are real, and that I have witnessed them with my own eyes. To those who are waiting for Mr right: Do NOT give up hope. The world would like to convince us that if we do not have the perfect man in our life at this very moment, that our days our futile. The world would LOVE for us to give up, and to lose sight of our goals. But I say again, DO NOT give up. DO NOT give in. There is ALWAYS hope, and hope will always find a way if we allow it to shine through. I believe in happy endings. I believe that each and every one of you are royal, a daughter of a Heavenly King, and are intended to be treated as such. My sweet sisters, I plead for you to not settle for anything less than a man who treats you like the princess. YOU are a woman of infinite worth, and the man of your dreams will be the one who will never let you forget. No matter the trials, no matter the difficulties, your dreams are always on the horizon. A quote from one of my favorite musicals says simply, "If you reach for the stars, all you get are the stars. But, if you reach for the heavens, you get the stars thrown in." Don't ever stop reaching for the heavens. One day you will be surprised to look down at your hand and see stardust falling from your fingertips. Life is a beautiful thing. As a great man once said, we cannot simply wait for life to hand us our golden ticket. Our moment, is now. Our time, is now. Let us not delay in loving life, and most of all finding love for ourselves. To my sweet friends do not forget to love. Happy Valentine's day. All my heart, Calli

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Suddenly I see Suddenly it starts Can two anxious hearts Beat as one? Yesterday I was alone Today you walk beside me Something still unclear Something not yet here Has begun. Suddenly the world Seems a different place Somehow full of grace Full of light. How was I to know That so much hope Was held inside me? What has passed is gone Now we journey on Through the night. How was I to know at last That happiness can come so fast? Trusting me the way you do I’m so afraid of failing you Just a child who cannot know That danger follows where I go There are shadows everywhere And memories I cannot share Nevermore alone Nevermore apart You have warmed my heart Like the sun. You have brought the gift of life And love so long denied me. Suddenly I see What I could not see Something suddenly Has begun.

Some serious catch up.. and a Happy New Year! :)

Dear Journal, So much has happened since the last time I've written! Holy Cannoli! I should probably start with THE MOST important bit of news that I have from the past few months.....
I am getting married to my best friend!!!!!!!!!! The man of my dreams :) There are not enough words to express how much I love this man. So I suppose that I will spare the readers! Hee hee. However, I will include the details for how he popped the question! It was November the 16th. Trent told me that he wanted to celebrate our five months of dating in a proper way, so he told me that we were going to dinner. Macaroni Grill! YUM! Man knows one of the pathways to my heart is some good eatin. Hehehe. On the way to dinner, we had a funny little moment together. His phone rings and he answered quickly. "Hello?" suddenly I hear the bouncy little voice of one of my best friends. I can't make out the words, but I can definitely tell that I knew whose voice it was! Trent hangs up and I smile and say "Who was that?" He doesn't skip a beat when he replies, "Uh, Jeff!" I tried to contain my urge to giggle when I said "Jeff has an awfully high voice, babe!" Trent just smiled and said, "Yep. He sure does!" It was a priceless moment in time that I will never forget. ;) So we proceed on to the restaurant, and have a great time. Ran into the Moffats, which is always a pleasant surprise! After Dinner, we found ourselves at the San Tan mall. It was nice and chilly out which makes for nice snuggling weather. ;) He grabbed me by the hand and led me to Build a bear workshop. You can't tell ME that teddy bears are just for kids! We had so much fun watching my bear get stuffed with fluffy goodness and going through the silly little heart ritual. Kinda creepy actually, if you really think about it. But tender none the less because we both placed our own separate little hearts inside the bear. It wasn't until later that night that I realized just how symbolic it was for two hearts to become one. <3 After the mall, I had no idea where we were going next! He slyly said, "Oh, did I not mention where we are going next?!" (Little butt munch!) Me: " Uh, no." So he then smiles even bigger and says "Well I guess you'll just have to find out then!" (Oh, geez! We're gonna die!) We end up going to one of the club house in Power Ranch, other wise known as the Barn. This is where we had talked about having our wedding reception! I got tingles on the inside.. the thought of actually having my reception at that location with him was such a big dream of mine. We walked around the gorgeous lake that was lit with beautiful lights. The night was bright, but it was VERY cold! Poor Trenton tried so hard to make small talk, but unfortunately I was freezing my little tail off so my words were all jumbled! For example: "The stars are so bright tonight! Cal, we should come back and go star gazing sometime!".... "Ya..yyyyy..yea.yyyy...yaugh.....yes..yah!" We came around the bend to a little bench, where Trent seized the opportunity :) We sat down and he said "Here, let's try and warm you up." My teeth continued to chatter! He put his arms around me, and cuddled me close. He could still feel me shivering in his arms. A moment later, he whispered "Here, maybe this will warm you up..." As he pulls away, I look up to see him sliding off of the bench and down on to one knee. Before he even asked the question... I could sense something eternal in his eyes. It was something that I couldn't deny or ever dare to run away from. The next few words out of his mouth I remember exactly. But those simple words aren't what truly make the story what it is. It's the warm tears that welled up in my eyes, as I knew that I was looking at the man who I would be sharing forever with. This moment, this feeling, is what I had been waiting for my whole life. And it had finally happened. I had found him :)
From there on, Life has been sweet. There may have been little trials along the way til now, but what is life without our trials? Without our ups and downs? It would be pretty bland. I'm trying to learn quickly what it takes to plan a wedding. I'm finding out that it is a LOT of work and that I need to get on the wagon and get things done. But luckily I have things like Pinterest to keep my ideas flowing. And thank goodness for amazing people like my mama who keep me pushing towards success! My sister's wedding dress is here at my house, just waiting for me to try it on. I've always dreamed about trying on her dress but never thought I would actually get the chance to. If it fits, there is a good chance that I may wear it. It's a breathtaking dress that looks like the bride has just stepped out of a fairytale. And when it comes to me and Trent, nothing describes our personalities and love more than stepping out of a fairytale in to real life.
Well, ever since I've been out of school you could say that I'm trying to embrace the work-a-holic side of me. Me and Trent will need the money to survive, and to be completely honest I'm finding myself enjoying it. I'm getting to the point where I feel accomplished at the end of the work day because I feel like I've gotten so much done. Now if only I could feel just as accomplished with my wedding planning. Let the games begin! I have decided that I am not going back to school this semester, so that me and Trent can start to save some money and put it away for a rainy day.. or rent. ;) Take your pick. I have an idea in mind of when I would like to finish school and what degree I would like to earn.. but we will see what the Lord has in store for me.
I wake up every morning hoping that I will be able to let the light of faith burn bright in my life. I guess there are moments where I think that I can take matters into my own hands and do it all on my own.. but that's when life hands you a slice of humble pie and gets you back down on your knees praying to our loving Heavenly Father. I know that His gospel is true, and that it is our ultimate key to happiness. I am so grateful that the man I'm marrying served a full time mission and for the strength and endurance and faith which he exemplifies every day in my life. He is truly the best, and I pray that every day I can work hard to deserve to have him around. I love him with all my heart. Here's to working hard and making a difference. Until next time, Journal. :) All my love, Calli