Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just winding down..

So i dont know if anyone still reads this darn blog anymore..for i have failed terribly at keeping up with the happenings of my insane life. But i shall try and catch you up a lil bit..

First of all i have not even talked bout Turkey Day!! The food was nummy as always and was very very excited to play with fam..especially these two..!!!! :] (ps i expect an award of some kind for these shots! They're priceless!! Not bad for an amateur eh?)

Baby Ally.. prettiest blue eyes ever!In this one Al's givin a true model kills me. This little girl isn't even two yet! Oh and do others appreciate the clouds in the back and the contrast of the bright grass? I love it!

Brinky Dink and Auntie! Once again..the bright colors and the pretty sky makes me love this shot!

Anywho..after the turkey was eaten..the party really begun!

Me, mom, Biddy, and Aunt Jana teamed up to go on a Black Friday Shopping trip of all shopping trips. We were very successful I must say, draggin our little sorry bodies out of bed and gettin out at 3:45 :]

Then there was Vespers! Or our traditional Religious Choral concert at Mesa High. Me, and one of my newest best buds, Jenny McCauley sang "I heard him come," together! It was very successful and such an amazing experience to sing it with her and share of the spirit of that song with others. There is a link on the side of this blog titled "i heard him come" if you wish to watch it. Just make sure my playlist is turned off beforehand. :]

Then last but not least Seussical the Musical is coming to Mesa High!! We will be auditioning the first day back to school and I am absolutle extatic! I"m shooting for either "JOJO" a young child, who is a crazy thinker and uses their "thinks" to create the show. Or "Gertrude McFuzz". A little awkward bird who is madly in love with Horton the Elephant. :]

School gets out very soon! Im way excited for playtime. Love you all!