Sunday, September 14, 2008


So school is back in full swing and what better way to start that school year off than having two of my favoritest people turn the big 1-8!! That's right, these two are officially legal. So all of you who secretly are madly in love with these two can now take them on single dates :] Hee hee.
So the festivities started out VERY early Friday morning by surprising Mads with some nummy waffles! Haha there were a few minor setbacks to that one but they're a tad embarrassing so let's just say it was an adventure in of itself!
THEN! Saturday night we completely surprised the two birthday bums with a surprise black and white party. We had black and white movies, balloons, oreos, the whole nine yards. It was awesometown..population our party animal possie!
Aaah..all the girls together..haha just makes me SMILE :] :] :]

Ok, so please allow me to explain this one because I'm guessing that right about now ya'll are EXTREMELY confused! So apparently before the surprise party our guy friends decided to throw themselves a MAN NIGHT. Not a guys night, not a boys night, but a MAN NIGHT! So apparently in order to be manly they dressed up in intense costumes and walked around with dangerous weapons. Oh, might i mention they were real weapons. Anyone could have walked around with a couple plastic guns and swords..but oh no..not our guys. They are a whole breed of their own~ but I do love them for it very much!
This one just makes me laugh! It's me and the girls in our truest form..hmm maybe. that may have to wait til girls night :]
Then Sunday night, the fam damily came to visit! It made me very happy!!! I love them so much. Wish you all could have seen this little one goin' at it with the taters and carrots :]

This weekend was amazing. THe end.
Life is so rich and amazing. Im so grateful to have family
and friends to live it up with!