Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer lovin...

So for anyone who still reads my blog I apologize that I have no time to post very often over the summer! I have been having the time of my life lately..girls camp, lake powell (and comin back lookin very BROWN), musical theater workshop (probably my best year ever), and last but not least we are taking off on Friday to head to New Jersey to get a beach house with the fam at Point pleasant beach! But oh my most anticipated event of the ENTIRE SUMMER!..............
I am going to see LITTLE MERMAID ON BROADWAY!!!!!!!! Ariel has ALWAYS and eternally will be my favoritest princess out there! For anyone who has not yet experienced listening to this soundtrack..DO IT NOW! It will knock your sox off , I promise you that! This musical is so sparkling and fresh that it just takes my breath away to listen to I cant WAIT to actually see it put on stage.. Well im off to get my mountain of laundry done so that I dont walk around the big apple in my birthday suit..(even tho i have heard there's a naked cowboy.. :] ) haha Much love to all and I promise MAJOr picture time of all my adventures when I come home! Love! Peace! Chicken Grease!

Monday, June 16, 2008


SO this past 2 weeks I had the Magic of Musical Theater WOrkshop and it was TO INFINITY AND BEYOND AMAZING!!!! THere are really no words to explain how fun it i will just have to put up all of these pictures and I hope you enjoy them! THX to my buddies Emma, Rachel LYn, and Ali baby and my lil bro Nick for making it so dang fun for me! Breckyn..we missed you so much girl and wish you would have been there!
Farewell My summer favoritest activity of the entire year! I will miss you greatly in hopes of interning next year! :]