Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lookin' like a peanut!!!

In case any of you were wondering how my hair turned out with the rollers, here's a picture of it! Just remember that it was post-show and looks really rough! Sister Payne put it up in two separate buns and it turned out amazing! She said that it was the same hairstyle that she often gives to her 5 year old daughter! That made me happy and got me even more into my character!!!

Blast from the past!

So I have officially decided that it's a good thing that tomorrow is decade's day for Mesa high spirit week! As it turns out, I have to wear rollers in my hair at school tomorrow to get the curl I need in order to pull of a six year old look for Charlie brown! But because of spirit week, there is no way that I can feel stupid becuase someone will always look more dumb than me. (You can guarantee it at Mesa!) But I absolutely adore playing the role of a six year old! It is so stinkin fun! Here are a couple pictures of my lovely rollers!!! Aren't they so colorful?!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Here Comes Charlie Brown!

As of today there are exactly fifteen days left until the opening of Mesa High's "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown!" Everyone in the cast is spewing with excitement and we can't wait to get our show out in the public! We even finally got our cast t-shirts and they look awesome! These are a few pictures of what the shirt design looks like! This show is going to be absolutely amazing and I can hardly stand the wait til opening night! Our show runs Wed. Oct 31-Sat. Nov. 3 with shows at 7:00 pm and a matinee on Saturday also at 2:00 pm. Thanks for everyone's support and we'll see you there!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Spirit Week!

Here we are on Cowboy day...we look pretty hardcore don't we?! I love it!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Birthday Bash!

Today was Michelle's 17th birthday! We threw her a party at lunch with cake, confetti, pizza, and the whole enchilada! It was really fun to goof off with everyone there and even play don't eat pete! The first picture is of me and the birthday girl herself!(I know, I look kinda funny with my glasses on!) The second picture is of Maddi and Marc after their frosting fight! Marc smeared frosting all over Maddi and wouldn't let her smear her frosting right back Then when he called a truce...she smacked him up side the face with a hand full of frosting. You go girl! All in all it was pretty darn hilarious! It was a really good day! I love you Michelle! Happy birthday my love!