Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wow.. it's been almost a year!

I was a few months out from overlapping my last blog post with a post that was a whole year later! As you can see, a LOT of time has passed since last I wrote. And what an adventure and a ride it has been!

I completed my first year of college. One thing i regret is that I thought for sure I could just get by in college the way i did in some of my high school work. But oh, how wrong I was. I still came out with decent grades, but my feeling of accomplishment was very low. I knew that this next year needed to be better. It needed to be a time where I truly strived to be successful and hard working, rather than the feeling of barely surviving. :) I know that through this next school year, that if I stay close to my Savior, that anything is possible and that He will help me make it through all the rigorous things that will be required of me. If there is one thing that I have learned from about my 10th grade year, is that when you take time for Heavenly Father by reading your scriptures before your homework, that you will be immensely blessed, and your homework will run so much more smoothly. I am very excited for the opportunity to work hard this year, and make up for lost time.

So many people have changed my life in the past year. I can't even thank them all. Within this past year, I was called to be a Beehive advisor. I was so terrified at first to think that I would be teaching, but once I let go of my doubts and fears, I fell in love with my calling. And now I cherish it with all my heart. How grateful I am for the examples who have blessed my life in the young womens program. Whether it be leaders whom I was taught by when i was a young woman, or leaders who i now work with, they have helped to mold and shape me into the person I am today, and the testimony which I live for. I'm so grateful for people like Julie and Sheree who have been leaders even since I was still in the Yw's program and for the example they've been to me in my life. How grateful I also am to all the other leaders who have been so kind to me, and have taught me so much. Kasey, Carol, Becky, Shelly, Heather, and of course Alyson... you all amaze me and I appreciate the love you show in all that you do.

It has been a year of struggles. But when do we all not have struggles? However, this year the struggles were more prominent and cutting in my life. How grateful I am for those struggles which I faced, and for the opportunity I have had to turn to my Savior, Jesus Christ, and feel of His embrace and the realization that he is always there. I am so grateful for those who have come into my life this year and have changed everything. Those who have been examples to me in all that they do. I live in a family that never fails to be examples for me, and keep me going in the right direction. I am so grateful to my friends,particularly my Lindy Lou. What would I have done without you this past year, my friend? Thank you for your love and support and for all of the things which we went through together.

I am in the midst of interning for summer musical theater workshops for kids ranging from grades 5-12. How grateful I am for the oppotunity which I have had so far to learn to meet so many young people and find what it means to truly love them like they are your own. So many of these children in the first session stole my entire heart, and Im not sure if they will ever give it back. It is simply amazing how much you can grow to love a child in such a short amount of time. Although most of them were taller than me, I met some teens who I will never forget. They have kinda become adoptive younger sisters, and I cant wait to keep in touch with them and watch where their lives take them. Here are some of the kids who I got to work with. :)

Addy, Chan Chan, and Maddy

Sophie and Alli. Me and Alli had a special bond because our names are exactly the same except that mine starts with a "C" of course. :)

Group of girls who i got to tell all my crazy stories to!

Ahhh! This girl stole my heart once we discovered we have the same undying love for all things little mermaid.. and Prince Eric of course :) How I will miss my Laynee.

Life is rough at times, but all the times of darkness are WORTH IT in order to bring forth the light out of obscurity. It's good to be back, I hope to keep on top of posting this year! Over and out, my friends!