Saturday, August 16, 2014

Day 2: 100 Happiest Days

Dear Journal, 
   Day 2 reminded me just how truly blessed I am to live in a country where I can exercise my religious beliefs freely. I am grateful for a God in Heaven who loves me, and is always there. I l know that He is very aware of me, and that I am His daughter. I am most thankful today for the power of prayer. Life sometimes feels like there is fog or a haze on the path ahead of us, blocking our vision to where we need to go next. Many of us may feel lost or alone in these moments, but the power of faith and prayer is the answer to life's most "lost" moments. 

 On the long car ride to Rexburg, we experienced over 8 hours of constant rain and occasional fog. Most of this time, it was near to impossible to see anything ahead of you other than the small amount of road that our headlights illuminated. There were several moments where the road conditions seemed hazardous, and we questioned if we would make it to our destination in safety. How similar this scenario is to our everyday lives. Many of us are facing a heavy rain, or a fog, that is blocking our view from the road ahead, and our potential. But we need not fear. In life's hardest moments, we can pray to a loving God in Heaven. A Heavenly Father who promises to comfort us in our time of need, and promises that if we but only have faith and follow Him, we will be lead safely home. 

Happiness is a loving Heavenly Father. Happiness is the ability to commune with Him through prayer. 
Finding Joy in the Journey,

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